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Van insurance a few clicks will save you money.

The Van Insurer Reviews

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The types of commercial van insurance

There are three main types of commercial van insurance. They are:

1. Carriage of own goods

Carriage of own goods is ideal for someone who uses their van to carry tools and materials to jobs. For example, a joiner who uses a van to carry their tools to and from jobs would require carriage of own goods cover.

2. Carriage of goods for hire or reward

If you use your van to deliver goods – basically if you’re a delivery driver – you’ll probably require carriage of goods for hire or reward commercial van insurance. However it’s slightly different to haulage cover, the third type of commercial van insurance.

3. Haulage

Haulage cover is slightly different to carriage of goods for hire or reward in that it’s specific to delivery drivers who deliver single items, usually covering long distances, and usually to a set location.

What is a private van?

A private van is one that you use for social, domestic and pleasure purposes.

That means it’s your every day run-around, your family vehicle, which you use in the same way you would a car – except with the added bonus of a lot more storage room inside.

It is categorically not a van you use for business purposes and that includes for commuting.

Different types of multi-van insurance quotes

As with a normal van insurance policy, there a three levels of cover you can pick from when taking out a multi van policy.

The three levels are, of course, Third Party OnlyThird Party Fire and Theft, and Fully Comprehensive.

Once you’ve decided what level of cover you need, you will have to pick which type of van insurance policy is most appropriate for you:

  • Carriage of goods for hire and reward – You carry multiple items to deliver over lots of small trips, e.g. a delivery driver

  • Haulage – You deliver one item or shipment over a long distance, e.g. a lorry driver

  • Carriage of own goods – You transport your own belongings e.g. a plumber transporting tools

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